Power Transformers

     Power Transformer is an electrical transformer which receives voltage from power system and delivers in another form of voltage i.e. High voltage to Low voltage and vice versa with same frequency. Mainly it receives low voltage with high current and transmits high voltage with low current. It is primarily used in Substations and Power Generation Stations.
     We are manufacturing up to 10 MVA capacities with the 66 KV Insulation level with frequency level according to the standards.

Distribution Transformers
ampteh power transformer KVA : Up to 5000 KVA
ampteh power transformer
Primary Voltage(HV)
:11 KV, 22 KV, 33 KV
ampteh power transformer Secondary Voltage(LV) : Up to 1000 V
ampteh power transformer Frequency : 50 Hz
ampteh power transformer Phase : Three Phase
ampteh power transformer IVector Group : DYN 11
ampteh power transformer Loses : As per IS Standard
ampteh power transformer Temperature :50°, 55°
ampteh power transformer Tapping : Off circuit Tap Changer
 On Load Tap Changer

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Standard Accessories

     Rating Plate, HV/LV Bushings with fittings, Lifting & Jacking Lugs, Silica gel Breather, Thermometers, Filter & Drain valves, Tap changers, Earthing Terminals.

Optional Accessories

     HV/LV Cable Boxes, Pressure Relief Valve, On load Tap changers with RTTC Panel, Oil Temperature Indicator, Double Float Buchholz Relay, Winding Temperature Indicator, Magnetic Oil level Gauge and Arching Horns.
     Distribution Transformer is an electrical transformer which is received electrical energy from primary circuit and distributes electrical energy to various power utilities center. This electrical energy is differing from commercial consumers, residential consumers and light industry consumers.
     We are manufacturing Distribution Transformers from 25 KVA to 2000 KVA 3 Phase. The Transformers can work at different voltage and frequency level according to the standard prevailing in various countries.

Applications and Uses
  • Power Generating Stations
  • Substations
  • Transmission Systems
  • Linear Tap Switch with OLTC
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Magnetic type oil level indicator
  • Cover mounted core-coil assembly
  • Morshelling box with mercury control switch for temparature indication
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