Furnace Transformers

     The Furnace Transformer is an electrical transformer which is used for furnace to melt the Iron. It is custom designed and confirm with the customers specification. We manufacture Oil cooled furnace transformers comply with furnace duty and to suppress harmonics to necessary arrangements.The Furnace Transformers are very high current in secondary side with low voltage. For these high secondary currents, special bushings are required to connect to the busbars.

Distribution Transformers
ampteh power transformer Capacity : Up to 5000 KVA
ampteh power transformer Voltage : 33 KV to 100 V
ampteh power transformer Short circuit impedance : 5%-10.5%
ampteh power transformer No load current : Less than 2% from full
ampteh power transformer Losses :No load loss fully comply with IS and IEC standards
ampteh power transformer Arrangements : 50°, 55°
ampteh power transformer Connections : Delta/Star
ampteh power transformer Cooling : ONAN/ONOF
ampteh power transformer Tapping : On load with OLTC or
 Off circuit Tapping arrangements

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Applications and Uses

Inductions and Arc Furnace are used in steel Industry for melting Iron and for refining steels. Other Applications are:

  • Melting glass and ceramics
  • Manufacturing or refining many other materials
  • E.g.: Ferrochromium, Ferromanganese, Semiconducting base materials
  • Low loss and Low noise
  • High Efficiency
  • Low partial Discharge
  • High Mechanical strength and short circuit withstand ability
  • Operation Reliability and Easy Maintenance
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